Anyone with sinus probs? Tonsils removed?

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  1. Ok I had my tonsils removed like over 10 years ago... Last couplse years allergies, sinus infections, stuffy nose year round and no matter what I take it never goes away. Did some research tonight (I got bored...) Found out tonsils help fight bacteria and stuff. Hits me... Sounds like its connected :nice: Yeah I am a thinker! Well No matter how much sleep I get I feel tired all the time. I use to run off 4-6 hours I now go off of 8-12. Wondering if there is any procedures I can take to pin point this or medication. Hate to pay for sinus surgery. Think I might need a specialist... Anyone else with common problems? Let me know!
  2. people that get 5-7 hours of sleep have lower mortality rates than those that get 8-10 hours. also...mouse testical cells have the same properties as stem cells in humans. so human testical cells are now being tested. just some news from this weeks research. I have sinuses bad sometimes. but i have my tonsils i dunno what to tell you. you might need some prescription medication.
  3. That's nice to know. The only days I get 8 hours of sleep is on my two days off. The other days of the week, I get 4-5 hours sleep. :sleep:
  4. You could possibly have sleep apnea.

    Do you always feel tired?
    Do you snore a lot?
    Do people tell you that you stop breathing when you snore?

    If yes, go see a specialist.
  5. I talk really fast in my sleep... It cracks my woman up... Might see a sleep specialist
  6. Take Allegra D for 5 days and then tell me how you feel. I have never seen another medicine like it! That's what I use.
  7. Start by seeing you family doctor. Let him give you a good physical and routine blood workup etc.