Drivetrain Are 72+73 Drive Shafts And Yokes Interchangeable?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Platonic Solid, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. My 73 Mach (351C FMX 9” Rear) is at the mechanics as I just don’t have the time to repair its various issues.
    The mechanic has asked me to pull the drive shaft and yoke from one of my other 71-72 Coupes (302 C4 8” Rear) for use on the 73.

    Are these drive shafts and yokes interchangeable?

    I see one (65/73) 25 spline yoke and two (65/72) 28 spline (1 ext snap ring/ 1 int snap ring) available on Mustangs Unlimited. has good info, but unfortunately doesn’t include 73 on the list.
    If I was to guess based on the Mustangtek chart and what Mustangs Unlimited has to offer, I’d guess that my 73 uses a 25 spline yoke and 72 302 C4 uses a 28 spline.

    Would it be wiser to just buy a new yoke?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. i believe you can interchange drive shafts between 71-73 mustangs. you might have to change the rear U joint depending on which rear end yoke you have.
  3. i not possitive on this but i think the FMX has a larger yoke than a c4
    its been a while since i worked with an FMX but i think it will change with a c6
  4. i forgot i have a FMX here . it will not exchange with a c4 yoke. the FMX is larger
  5. Hmph. Once again I end up looking for a part that no one seems to have. Unless I'm wrong, I need a 31 spline 8-7/32" long C3AZ-4841-A. Can anyone verify this part number?