Arizona tracks in august... bad idea

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by fazm83, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. So i went to the tracks tonight, cuz it was free. Man let me tell ya, the heat here, that is a killer. When i arrived at the track it was 101 degrees (air temp, nevermind track temp). First off, ive already claimed to be a bad launcher, and i know that so dont gripe lol. Ive also been told that firebird raceway is not good for launching.

    so ... here be the numbers, i dont think my ET is that bad for how crappy my traction was and how hot it was outside (and there were so few ppl there, i never got to let my car cool down).

    r/t .271
    60ft 2.491
    330 6.706
    1/8 10.150
    mph 71.34
    1000ft 13.117
    1/4 15.615
    mph 90.67

    that 2.491 was my best 60ft time tonight too (1 of them was 2.801!!! ouch) and that was by bogging the engine and just diggin out of a slump. I want that tlok so bad, and some better tires. If i could just get that down to a 2.2 or quicker, i could have run 15.3's tonight, not to mention in good weather conditions.

    EDIT: This is with my full spare, everything in the car. 3 baseball bats, pool sticks, suitcase (full of clothes), and some random baseball equipment in the trunk. Kinda wishing i would have taken some things out, but im not that extreme of a racer. Oh and 11,000 miles on the current air filter (hasnt even been cleaned) which if any1 lives in arizona knows, thats a long time to go.