? ASAP about dipstick

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  1. I changned the alternator and battery in my 99 CHEVY BLAZER yesterday at my parents house and forgot the dipstick! I drove it home about an hour w/o it. Can I continue to drive it around until I can get it again? Maybe a week from now, or is that not a good idea?

  2. I imagine it is going to lose some oil, I would check in see if it has leaked any oil...

    I would get on in 'A.S.A.P.'...

    Keep the rpms low and load down...
  3. other then oil possible oil spray coming out of the tube and possible contamination it should be ok if this was done for a short drive and so on.

    I would change the oil and replace the dipstick and you should be fine.
  4. i drove it about 55 minutes home like this. looks like i am making a trip back out to my parents to pick it up. i went out to check it and realized i cant check it w/o the dipstick! :D duh!!! :rlaugh:
    thanks for replies. i did not notice any oil sprayed around there though. long dip stick i guess!
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  6. im going to have to put a rag over it for a couple days as I cant get out there until Tuesday! I think that should be OK. I am due to change the oil anyway soon.
  7. Instead of just a rag if you are unable to get a replacement dipstick for more than a couple days, you may want to toss a 2" - 4" long lag bolt with washer in there so that the bolt head sits on the washer and secure it with electrical tape.
  8. i seriously doubt you will lose any oil out of the dipstick and if anything it will just be a vacuum leak....since the pcv valve pulls on the crankcase and the dipstick isnt there to plug the hole....but you should be fine until you replace it