At Wits End With Battery Draining.


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Oct 29, 2016
Howdy Guys N' Gals. I have this here 07 Mustang GT I bought two years ago with 81,000 miles on it. 2 years later and the Center stacking lighting elements as well as the shifter and steering wheel button lighting will not shut off even after the car is shut off, doors shut and locked. At night, it illuminates the entire center stack and if it sits to long, it kills my battery. I've checked the SJB and that is fine and has never seen water of any kind. Any ideas what this could be? Keep in mind the pictures I posted are hours after the car last ran. Please help me


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Jul 28, 2014
Cincinnati, OH
I've heard of similar things happening when there are issues with the smart junction box (SJB). There are some drain plugs near the firewall that sometimes get clogged and let water get to it which causes electrical issues. I don't know enough about this to offer help with troubleshooting it so I suggest searching for that and seeing if you come up with a solution. Here is an example of a similar problem I found through a quick Google search.

I would check that the drains are not clogged and then the SJB (looks like there is a relay you can check). If it's not the SJB, my next guess would be the ignition cylinder.

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