[B]What is Claybarring and How?[/B]

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  1. I have heard a lot about claybarring, and I get the point of cleaning the paint. I assume the clay is a mild abrasive which polishes the paint, but I have never done it and I don't know how.

    If someone has done it, please tell me how or give a few pointers.
  2. You're right.

    Drive over to auto zone and buy a claybar. Mine was like 10 bucks.

    It takes all the crap off the paint, but if you push too hard, paint will come off.

    The box tells you how to do it, you need to use the goo that it comes with so that you don't scratch the paint.
  3. ummm you have two choices when it comes to using a claybar...one is to use the stuff that comes with it...or just plain water.

    If you look mother's has a kit that comes with a bar and a spray. just spray and then go over the car in a back and forth motion. Do not spray too much or you'll just be gliding around on the lubricant. you need to be able to feel the paint underneath. You know you're rubbing to hard if you're leaving portions of the clay behind.

    The way I do it is I wash the car...after I clean all the soap off I work in 2' X 2' sections at a time. I spray water onto that area and work it that way. Water will work just as good as any other lubricant.

    All clay bars do is remove surface contaminents. After you're done claybarring get a plastic sandwhich baggine and stick your hand inside of it...then rub your car back and forth...it should feel smooth with nothing rough. If it's still rough then you need to claybar it again.
  4. and I think plain water is bad. i think you're supposed to use soapy water at the least.
  5. how is plain water bad??? it's only there as a lubricant. Clay bars don't scratch paint so the closer you are to the clear-cote the better.

    Plain water works better than the quick detailer lubricant that comes with the kit.
  6. I think I read at autopia.org that water isn't ENOUGH of a lubricant. The detailer or soapy water is better
  7. clay bars can scratch your paint if you're not careful. For example, if you drop it on the floor and it picks up some dirt, that will scratch your paint if you use it on your car again. Or, if you didn't wash your car properly before claying, the clay could pick up dirt from the car and do the same thing again.

    Plain water works, but it's not the best way to go. I usually mix in a bit of car wash soap into a spritzer bottle and use that...
  8. I just got my first order of ZAINO.. im going to do the whole dawn soap to strip the old ***** off. Could i use a small solution of dawn in a sprayer as a lube. if anything it should help get the old wax off.
  9. i would mix up some car wash in a spray bottle 1:16 dilution

    I hope you did not get tricked into the Zaino Clay.. it is overpriced, repaackaged mother's clay
  10. no just got Z-1, Z-2, and out of curiosity Z-6. I picked up the clay at pep-boys.
  11. Clay + Zaino = :thumbup:
  12. Preshate it. :D
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  14. clay bars take out crap in the clearcoat,and if the car was painted it WILL take off the overspray,use a soapy solution again after you wash the car thoughly.works great,just clayed my notch shines like a mother******.