Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

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  1. Back about 8 months ago I had to replace my trusty 13 year old yep 13 year old Paxton fuel pressure regulator. I bought a BBK from summit and i put it on and as soon as I cranked the car the diaphragm blew and gas was squirting out of the vaccum port like a geyser. Called summit and they sent me another one and it only lasted about 8 months so needless to say im done with BBK. I'm thinking about the Aeromotive 13103. Im looking for all opinions good or bad on regulators. Thanks
  2. Is there a reason you need an adjustable one? Most cars should run at 39-41 and the stocker does a good job and it's cheap. That being said, I have run Kirban for years and have been very happy. The only reason I have it on my present car is I got it for free thrown in with other parts.
  3. I still run the factory regulator on mine, with 275,000 miles on it now, and currently with a 369 engine. Works great....
  4. Would the stock regulator work with 6 lbs of boost? I guess I never really thought about a stock one.
  5. I'm not boost certified, but I would think tuning an adjustable one would be ideal for supurb performance. Whether or not you could just slap it on and run it to the 39psi stock setting and just drive it I'm not sure:shrug:

    ....the Boost Certified Gents you're up:stick:
  6. Six lbs of boost is not anything major and the supercharger companies make that system to work on stock engines with stock tunes, so I would venture to say you should be fine with the stock FPR. The real question is where should the FP be set at so you have the optimal tune, seeing how you have a power adder. Most people ditch the FMU in favor of larger injectors and a tune, as you need to then adjust the FP to compensate for the larger injectors.
  7. The stock FPR will be fine in that application. I prefer to use an adjustable, haven't had a bad experience with anyone in particular however. I typically will use them to cheat on injector size a little by turning the base fuel pressure up. We had my base pressure up to 65 at one point trying to stretch out 160lb injectors.
    Especially with boost, as long as the regulator is a rising rate style you will be fine
  8. Thanks everyone i went with stock and got her back running. Installed my new Anderson power pipe and opened a whole new set of problems. I made a new thread on the subject please feel free to check it out and give me any input or advice because im lost. Thanks again