Exhaust Bbk Long Tube Headers And Catted Shorty X-pipe Tuning Problem

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  1. I purchased these and installed them without an issues and got a tune-in-a-can from BAMA Performance. After a short period of driving I got an error code of "Catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1 and 2" . I called AM to see if they just sent me the wrong tune and their answer was pretty much short and sweet of, "There's no fix other than turn the O2 sensors off and you can't pass inspection" Hold the phone! Isn't that the point of the catted x-pipe? So I can pass inspection? I immediately called BBK and they told me that's a lie, the cats are there just for that reason. Absolutely I thought! BBK being in the business for 2+ years now I can't imagine they would lie to me. They told me that there's a way to tune the car to accept the higher flow cats. I called AM back and they give me the same story and even tell me, "Those cats don't actually work, well they work, but only 50% of the time." Really? Kinda like the TPMS sensors they installed on my wheels and only 50% of them worked too huh?

    Has anyone else run into a problem like this before with AM? I'm hoping they give me a proper fix action for both problems or I'm going to have to take my business elsewhere. Which is sad because I really like their website and the amount of products they have. However, I feel that poor service is an immediate change to where my business goes. I'd also like to ask anyone if they know of a fix to this problem. Surely with all the tuning equipment, software, and know how out there there's a way to program a computer correctly.
  2. Do you have to have your cars emissions tested there were you live?
  3. I was all set on getting some kooks LT's and a catted X pipe until I asked the question about inspections, and this was from Brenspeed. "Its a hit or a miss if you will throw a code sometimes they do and sometimes they don't" If your throwing codes you fail and if your 02's are disabled you fail. I got to pass inspection yearly so a 50 50 shot was not good enough for me to make the investment and I cant afford to be swapping my headers to pass Inspections yearly. Nor do I know of any "Inspection friendly" shops.

    With the above said I've heard that you dont want to use the 02 extenders that come with these kits. There is enough slack in the stock 02 cable by removing a bolt. You will have to research further if you used the 02 extenders but that may help your situation by eliminating that extender.
  4. I have American Racing headers with a catted x-pipe and my car will throw a code every once in a while but usually under the same conditions - car's partially warmed up and I start it again and shortly into the drive it throws a "slow O2 response" code (P0153?). But it only does it infrequently and its always on the second or subsequent start when the car's already been warmed up. Otherwise, my Tuner did a good job.
  5. Little update on this matter:

    I've called BAMA and they continue to say there's no fix. I called BBK and they said it's a tuning issue and that sometimes the car will pop the code up sometime they will not. SCT said they can't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I called BBK back to ask them why they made a product that clearly doesn't work right if I'm constantly getting a code and why they say it's 49 state legal. If it's throwing a code, it's not legal Period. BBK isn't helping me what so ever with it. So at this point and time I come back from Afghanistan to register my car and inspect it and I can't do either. I can't register it because I can't inspect it. Next step. Lawyer. I'm suing BBK for selling a product with false advertising of being 49 state legal and it being defective.

    Their only save is if Jon Lund emails me and tells me BAMA is full of :poo: and he has the tune to fix it. This is ridiculous.
  6. Welcome to the world of aftermarket parts. Sorry, had to say that

    The problem is with the aftermarket catalytic convertors you have. Plain and simple.

    A different tune may keep your check engine lamp from coming on and setting catalyst efficiency codes, but after that has been done the car won't be emissions legal and will fail a smog inspection. Your car will not be fixed by a tune, sorry.

    Do what ever it takes to get your money back and put the stock cats back on. Until you do that, you'll just be wasting more time and possibly more money.
  7. Got some of my money back. American Muscle apologized for all the problems I had and were real curtious. One of their sales guys gave me his direct line incase I ever need anything. I feel like that's them at least trying to help me out. Someone make some MIL Eliminators for the 2011+ please. lol
  8. A slow to respond code typically means just that... a slow or failing o2 sensor. If it was a catalysis efficiency code, that would mean the cats not doing it's job...
  9. I believe it's because the O2 sensor is so far down stream. Never had a problem before the LTs went on. Not much of a problem anyway.