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  1. Guys, I think you pretty much all agree but are failing to get it out in a way you all agree on. I'll have one attempt in laymans terms. Then I'll butt out:

    We all know power is a simple function of torque and rpm. Increase either the torque or use-able rev range of an engine and you increase the power output. That makes your car faster. Its that simple.:shrug:

    A nice easy example, is a formula one engine. My lowly NA mustang has more torque than the F1 car!! :nice:The formula one motor, however, revs to 18000 rpm and generates crazy power!:D
  2. Well all I know is that my car made 195hp and 245ft/lbs of torque with the npi motor and would trap the same as my 89lx with 215hp and 245ft/lbs of torque and it with 373s and my 97 with 410s
  3. Basically yes. Increasing tq will make you faster. The difference is that knowing the tq of an engine tells you only half the story. You need to also know the rpm that the tq is made at to understand the engines ability to accelerate a vehicle. Most will agree with that. What they don't realize is that knowing rpm and tq IS hp.

    hp = tq*rpm
  4. You're comparing apples to oranges.
  5. Well... more like he's comparing 4.10's vs 3.73's well below both car's top speed.
  6. Not to mention the weight difference between the two cars.