BBK Throttle Body Problems

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  1. Well 2 days ago I installed my new 70mm BBK Throttle Body and EGR Spacer. Now, when i go to drive and start my car it is running like crap. Lets start with loud noise like a vacuum leak and just alot of other noises also. I brought it to a close friend that is a mechanic and he sprayed carb cleaner around the egr spacer and the throttle body and the engine sounded the way it sounded before i install the new throttle body. He told me to get new gaskets and put them on. Now my question is did i put the gaskets on the wrong way and if so how are you suppose to put them on?

    Also, I took out the throttle body today and the gaskets are coming tommorow so ill put them back on but when i took it off today the gasket from the egr spacer to the manifold one side was ripped?

    Please help..

    Don't know what to do.
  2. you must have put them on wrong i think the only problem there is the ripped gaskets...if you wanna take an extra precaution put some silicone there too....dont over tighten the nuts for the tb either remember its aluminum...tighten each one a little at a time...
  3. Hey thanks for the reply,

    First of all how are you suppose to put them on?

    And second of all, Where do i put the silicone?

    Also, how tight should i tighten them?
  4. I would deffinetly use silicone on there. I used it on my tb when i had a similar problem and it went away nicely.
  5. clean the areas of the gasket good...i think theres only one way to put them gaskets on they are cut to fit a certail way...anywayz put the 1st gaskets on the plenum then silicone on top that gasket...then put the spacer the same for the next gasket then when u tighten the bolts tighten one at a time little by little..thik of them as a valve cover gaskets you dont wanna overtighten and rip the gasket..but snug enough not to need to be a muscleman when tightening them
  6. BTW, u mean on top of the black part of the gasket and then put the spacer on so they are sticking together almost.
  7. on top meaning of the face that the tb will be not sure of colors or anything been awhile since i have seen one...or you can clean up the tb really good and put the silicone on the backside of the tb...(the side thats touching the when you tighten the nuts on the tb the silicone will squeeze outta the sides a little bit
  8. Thanks again for all your help. I'll let you know what happens.
  9. no prob hope it works out for ya