Best Aluminum Driveshaft for our cars?!...

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  1. Anyone have any suggestions/preferences and info? I'm hearing nothing but great things and big gains w/ a 1 piece lighter aluminum D/S...
  2. Axle exchange, do it.
  3. Thanks, I'm guessing you a real true difference?!
  4. Spydershaft ...
  5. Does anyone have any experience with Shaftmasters? They are a little cheaper than some of the other driveshafts ive seen. They have a direct bolt on d/s that does NOT require a flange or spacer. Its like $600.

    They are local to me and I have been considering them for a while now. I figure that if I have any vibration issues I could just take it back to them.

    Any thoughts?:shrug:
  6. What about Dynotech Shafts, anybody using them? Don't know if it is true but I read somewhere that Shelby uses them on their Super Snakes. Any know if that is true?
  7. Anybody have some experience with this or maybe some numbers to throw out there, this is a mod I'd really like to do when swapping gears... I want to hear some testimonials from people who have made the swap before I throw down that much cash on a part that I have yet to see reviews on...
  8. I spoke to Chris Rose over at Bama and he highly recommended the "Steeda Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft (05-09 GT)Our price: $769.99"

    I asked Chris about the gains I would get from a one piece aluminum DS and if I would get the 14HP and the 16ft/lb of torque that I have read about and he said yes, BUT, its going to feel like you have picked up ALOT more, he said its one of the best things you can do for our cars!!

    He said the Steeda DS that American Muscle sells is the best one in the country right now. I trust his word and I think I'll save up the extra $179 and get the Steeda DS.
  9. The Steeda driveshaft that Chris is talking about is the Axle Exchange. I think direct it's cheaper.
  10. The Driveshaft Shop shaft is a very nice piece and a great company to deal with.
  11. I run a dynotech. Awesome compared to the stock boat anchor
  12. I have the Shaftmasters. Love it. Car feels more put together. A little vibration when cold (it's expected in all one piece DS's), but I love everything it provides.

    Here's my opinion regarding any aluminum 1-piece driveshaft for our rides: I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, honestly. Don't matter who the manufacturer is. There is only ONE horror story I've read about, and it was just a couple days ago...and even that story seemed as little iffy to me. There is always going to be a horror story or two about any aftermarket product. Just how it is.

    They all do the same thing, and they're all built fairly similar: less rotational mass equals slight increase in horsepower at the tire, slightly better acceleration, and slightly better gas mileage. What's not to like?

    You can't go wrong with any dirveshaft you go with. In my opinion.
  13. I bet your going to feel a lot more power. getting into the power band faster.
  14. whats not to like is someone like me that cant afford it :(
  15. PST or DSS have a cv joint and aren't affected by pinion angle. That is the only two I would buy. 6 weeks, that's happening. Likely drive shaft shop. The new GT500 has a carbon fiber shaft, I don't know for sure but I would
    bet money it's either a PST or DSS.