Best Buy With $160?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by stealthpony, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Hey all its been a couple of months or so since ive been on here but i just got 160 dollers for Xmas and was wondering what would be the best performance Mod(s) for that amount?

    Thank you
  2. if you gotta 5 speed... get a steeda tri-ax!
  3. i have a 2000 v6 automatic or i wouldve aready be installing it lol

    keep the suggestions rolling though
  4. Yah, i'm in the same boat as him except i have 2001 and i have about 400 dollars for mods.
  5. chip it if you've got an auto
  6. shouldnt you get some mods b4 you get a chip?... or did you mean change from auto to Manual? Im thinking about getting maybe some new underdrive pulleys and a Mac CAI and there both in my price range but also i would like to get a new front underglow neon cuz i bottomed out and like demolished the old one.

    PS i dont have the money at the moment to convert to manual(if thats what you meant). But if i did i would definately go for the Steeda Tri-Ax.

    Keep The Suggestions coming.

  7. The best *overall* first mod IMO is exhaust. Better sound, looks way better, maybe a touch more performance. But 160 won't quite cover exhaust. 250 would do it.

    For 160 I'd go with UD pulleys. 160 is just about exactly the right amount (assuming you do the install yourself), and they net you a decent amount of performance.

    You could also look at maybe an upper intake spacer. They're about 100 bucks, and I swear I'll shoot you if you don't do the install yourself, that's how easy it is. You could use the left over 60 for some little nicknacks, maybe some billet door locks or AC knobs or something cool like that.
  8. Gears. Buy them now, install them later if you have to pay a shop to install them. :) Get t-lok later down the road too, both of those mods will make your car feel much better.
  9. i thought you had to have manual to get new gears?!...
  10. Yeah, either the UD Pulley which you will have to save for install or

    Contact me off list and I can get you that MAC CAI for your price range!
  11. They're referring to the final drive gears. They're in the differential in the rear end, and so it doesn't matter whether you have a manual or automatic. Gears are great if you're mostly a city driver, but I'd think hard before throwing really short gears on if you spend time on the freeway often.