Best Headlights For White Gt Fox

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  1. In your opinion what are the best looking headlights for a 90 gt fox?
  2. Clean. These are black one piece?
  3. Smoke 3 piece
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  4. I like the basic stock look with the exception of the yellow reflector / lens on the outside. My original ones were a little cloudy anyway, so I ordered replacements that were clear all around. I think the clear ones would look good on a white car.
  5. i took my amber reflectors out of the corners before. looks much better in my opinion
  6. Stock w/amber or smoked
  7. Is 1 piece or 3 piece better looking?
  8. 3 piece all the way
  9. X2!
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  10. Ambers suck, ...all clear or all smoked :nice:
  11. Stock OEM looks best. w or w/o amber

    However, i did see a light retrofit done that looked sweet. Smoked 3-peice. The headlight was a normal ultraclear lens, with the reflector painted black, with HID projectors retrofitted in it. Looks like normal smoked lights...with awesome beam projection
  12. stock no amber.
  13. ^ This.