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  1. so I havent logged in in quite awhile and when I came back the log in set up has been changed. I did the... forgot my password thing and it sent me ALMOTO which is not my name. My name on here is 12sec67 but I ended up resigning up under my work email just so I could come on here and ask you guys for help.

    once we get this figured out I would like to change my name from 12sec67 to turbo67coupe.

  2. turbo67coupe

    It appears that you have created MANY accounts here over the years.

    Please PM me all of the accounts you can remember as well as the all of the email addresses you've used as well as the email address that you would like to use.

    Once I have that information, I'll clean it all up and grant you access to the 12sec67 account (provided you can prove that you own the email address associated with it).

    I see three Almato variations (three separate accounts associated to various of email).

    PM what you have and can remember so that I can get it all sorted.
  3. Give me a little time to work on this. I should have it all straightened out today. What I will most likely do, is disable all of the various accounts and change the email address for the turbo67coupe account to your desired address.

    On a side note, none of the email addresses you've provided satisfy your claim to the 12sec67 account. Since I cannot verify your ownership of that account, I will not return it's control to you. It will also be disabled. You can still search for content posted by that account if you need to. I will leave it intact incase you need to refer to posts made by that account.

    What I will do for you though, is duplicate the registration date, post count, and trophy points of the 12sec67 account to your new and preferred account turbo67coupe.

    Your other accoutns were simpe enough to verify since the email addresses all contained variations of [email protected].
    The 12sec67 account does not, however.

    PM me back and make sure this is acceptable.