Birthday coming up

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  1. My birthday will be coming up on april 6th. Birthdays and christmas are really my only ways to get mods because I am poor. :D I am already ordering the BBK cold air intake for it and I was wondering what else I should get for about $300. I don't really have enough money to be shelling out for gears. What else would give me some good bang for the buck? My mods are in my sig.
  2. Don't waste your money on a BBK cai!!!! get a Demolet or JLT or FIPK...only ones i can recommend.
  3. ditch the flows and get some magnapacks or some borla stingers...actually improve the flow.
  4. I love the way my car sounds that is one thing that will stay! :D I think i might shell out a little extra and get the SCT xcalibrator2, anybody notice good gains with that? If not I might have to go with the autometer lunar series gauge cluster, I woulndn't mind staring at those! I like mods that I can see or feel the diffrence.
  5. Like i would take advice from someone who drives a camaro,

    j/k My friend has an 02 SS that is super nice, I want to steal his car.