Black on black SSP mustang COUPE ROLLER

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by MYSTICCOUPE, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. SOLD :D

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  2. thats like exactly what Im looking for, but not for like another year, how much you looking to get?

    wanna buy a clean notch, swap drivetrains and sell my ugly hatch
  3. sorry i posted the price in the ad, can have the car shipped for $400
  4. email pics to [email protected]
    Is the Factory harness there?
    How about A/C?
    Is 5sp or Auto?
  5. Nice Ride!!!

    To bad your selling it!
    Thats one nice coupe.
  6. car has all the efi harness, The car does have all the ac parts. Its is a 5 spd car...
  7. What parts did you use for the 5 lug? Do you have pics of engine bay?
  8. look, i'll take the car. for real. i'm currently in iraq (camp stryker) serving in the Army. will be here for another 9 months or so. i'm unsure of how to purchase it while here, but more than likely i'll get my sister to do it, and i'll transfer it into my name when i get back... pm me the bottom dollar you'll take shipped to kentucky, zip code 41501 and i'll make arrangements to get you the cash ASAP.
  9. The car has the fox 5 lug rotors up front, i do have all the sn95 spindels with 03 PBR calipers and rotors i would let go for another $100. the rear is a sn95 disk brake. Ill get some pics of under the hood.

    Livefromiraq i sent you a PM.
  10. 87 coupe

    Could i see more pics of engine bay and interior?

    Whats the bottom line on the car?

    Where in georgia you located?

    Joel R.
    856-305-8459 florida
  11. Here are some pics with the motor in, bottom $$ on the car is 2K if i still have it this weekend im gonna go ahead and have it painted and keep it. thanks
  12. Where are you located? Interested in looking at car if you are close to me ...28731
  13. IM in warner robins GA, thats about 5 hours from Hendersonville.
  14. Hey there in WR,

    I am in Macon and have a few (possibly dumb) questions ....

    What exactly does it mean to have this classified as a "roller"?

    Is it good enough to be a daily driver?

    What speedo does it have? the 85mph, 140pmh or 160mph?

    And are you really selling for $2k ... that looks like a DEAL.

    As nice of a ride as it is, what is the reason for possible sale?

    I had a 91 Black on Black (rare color combo) LX Notchback 5.0 Auto with the Premium interior with 160mph speedo that I custom ordered personally that got stolen in 95 and as of late I have had a strong desire to get a car that is as close as possible to my Original.

    Thanks for any info!!!

  15. Dang thats pretty close....My luck, I wont have any free time until after Christmas...Ill check back with you on availability. If I do come down, Ill bring my supermoto and ride Middle Geogia Cart Track too...
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