black powdercoated ponys

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fowlertj, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Has anyone got any? I've been thinkin about this for awhile and this is what I want on my car. If you do have some then how much did it cost you. I have seen white ones and yellow ones but never any black ones. Thanks

  2. thanks jaded. thats exactly what I was going for! those things are bada$$. So did you have yours painted or powdered?
  3. thats a good lookin ride to jaded. i had to sace that pic.
  4. are you the seller on corral? How much do you want for them?
  5. Well done black powdercoated wheels look good but I know alot of people who have had black wheels. They loved them at first but they got tired of it after a while. I like the charcoal look personally. I had flat black painted turbines. Personally looked better than the dingy grey they used to be but there isn't much you can to to a turbine to make it look good, kind of like the El Camino. Even a good looking El Camino still is butt ugly.
  6. lol thats true 90mustang
  7. man, get some feterlizer on that lawn. overseed in the spring, put down lime in the late fall.

    nice lookin ride.
  8. One thing to be careful of with powder coating wheels. There are temperature limits for powder coating - usually in the 300F-400F range at which it can break down, melt, etc. Cars that use their brakes hard can put that much temp. into the wheels right around the hub/lug nut area. I found out the hard way while on the track as suddenly my lug nuts were loose because the powder coating under them melted. So, if you're gonna use the car hard, I'd have the powder coating company mask the area where the lug nut touches the wheel to keep it bare. You'll never see it when the lugs/wheels are on the car. But it'll remove a possible problem area if you really use the car/brakes. Probably won't be an issue on a car that doesn't see the track.
  9. thats not his car...its the guys on corral who is selling them