Black w/ White Stripes or Black w/ Tungsten Stripes

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  1. I have decided my color choice to be Ebony Black. Still undecided on the color of Stripes. Plan on getting full stripes. What stripes go best with Black? Performance White or Tungsten?

    Appreciate any help.:hail2:
  2. I have these two images that might help you make your decision. I like them both. The first is with the Mineral Gray stripes because the color generator didn't have Tungsten.

    Black - Mineral Gray.jpg

    Black - Performance White.jpg

    The gray seems a little more subtle to me.
  3. Good Lord.... both are amazing............ I hate u..... haha just playin.... I would go with the white, just my opinion....
  4. Thanks Shocwave04

    I like your ride. That Black is black. I like the White stripe combo the best.
  5. Thanks! ya it is black lol.... I love it.... I can't wait to see a black Shelby w/ White stripes on the street.
  6. Are the tungsten stripes lighter or darker than the ones in the picture?
  7. stripes

    Tungsten Grey!!! Subtle, sleek & stealth.

    For me it took about a second and a half to make up my mind, Black with White Stripes. Trust me any pictures you will see won't do the real thing justice.

  9. I've got black with white stripes on order, but I'm not getting the Leman's stripes, only the rocker stripes.

    My reasons for going white were:

    1. Looks crisper, cleaner

    2. The new Shelby is very derivative of the 1968 Shelby. 1968 Shelbys never came with silver or "tungsten" stripes, they came with white stripes. The car looks more "right" as a "real Shelby" with the white.

    3. Over the years, over the decades, I've seen SO MANY Shelby-clones built out of 65-68 Mustangs where the owner went with silver stripes of some shade. Call me crazy, but I have always associated silver stripes on a Mustang as screaming "fake clone Shelby" from a mile away.

    4. If you wanna go "stealth", screw the tungsten stripes, just go stripe-delete across-the-board. Would look better... If you're going to have the stripes, especially the full-boat deal, it's a SHELBY, so they oughta shout. Do you ever recall Carroll Shelby producing a Shelby Mustang in the 60's where the stripes were "subtle"?

    5. Usually, I'm all about subtle, and I'm not a lover of stripes. But in this case, when you go with the Tungsten, you look you did the stripes in your driveway, instead of them being part of the Shelby package.

    So go with white. That's makes it look like a real Shelby, it has pedigree, it has a tie to classic Shelbys, it looks as good today as it did then. The tungsten stripes look alright, but the whole premise of them being more subtle simply supports the notion to leave the things off altogether.
  10. definately Black w/ White stripes......saw one today.........for $62K...............
  11. Black with gray... opposite of the Eleanor.
  12. Well, there ya go 07SHELBYCOBRA..... the most definitive and slam-dunk reason we've seen, and may ever see, to encourage you to go with black and white and shun the gray...

    I never thought of it before, but that's right, black & charcoal gray are the Eleanor colors, just reversed.... I knew there was a reason that combo reminded me of cheesy rip-off clone-tastic disco-rrific hollywooded Shelby clones... :) :rolleyes:
  13. Yea those "cheesy rip-off clone-tastic disco-rrific hollywooded Shelby clones" are the hottest things at car auctions across the country. I agree with you in that they are hollywooded clones, but with Carrol himself giving his approval and allowing them to use his name on them leagally... these cars have some serious value to some. I saw one, a vert, go for over $500k. The Eleanor has a national following.... but to each his own.

  14. You're reading more into those auctions than you should. The folks buying those cars aren't savvy collectors, they are dealers and speculators and a smattering of so-insanely-rich guys that they "just don't care" what the price tag is, but amusingly, are TOTALLY out of their league when it comes to speculating and predicting what will hold value long-term... Tons of cash, not much car sense.

    Those sales are anomolies, and they do not cement the Unique Performance cars as future goldmines... They just represent the 1st chapter in a playing-out story where at some point down the line, estate auction, collection liquidation, a car that was foolishly bought at auction for over $500K sells 20 years later for $60K, in 20-year-later dollars...

    The other folks who are buying the cars directly through Unique are not collectors, they are rap stars, rock stars, guys, folks who don't know squat about what makes a car a future classic, but think that by virtue of it being signed by Shelby, they've got something..

    Never be fooled by "hot", when it comes to pop culture flashes like Eleanor. Let's be honest here, Ford stopped producing 1st-generation Mustangs 35 years ago. The new "Shelby-Authorized" Shelbys are just old shells restored into hotrods, and Shelby is only in it for the money. There's little parallel to the original Shelbys, that will always hold supreme reign over the here-today-laughed-about-tomorrow Eleanors...The original cars will always have desireability, provenance and classic status, the Unique Motorsports cars will just be what they are... Resto-mods authorized by Shelby...

    There's a HUGE difference between what's "hot", and what goes on to be classic and timeless.. The Monkees were "hot", and even topped the charts for awhile, but no matter how closely they patterned themselves, they never were the Beatles, were they? But back then, the teenage girls didn't seem to care...

    I view somebody tossing $500K++ toward a Unique Performance convertible very much like a teenage girl back in 1969 in the front row of a Monkees concert tossing her bra at Davie Jones... Lost in the moment of a humorous obsession...
  15. Ok... guess what. I pretty much agree with everything you said. But the fact remains to the average person a 67' Shelby GT500 is just like the Gone in 60 seconds car. I deal with a large cross section of the public... it's so true. But I do agree that it is crazy to think of those cars getting rare collector car money for a rebodied basic 67' fastback. But they are. I go to the BJ auction every year, the home made ones go for $75-100k.... It's crazy!! The auction is not the true market, but every year they keep selling for crazy money. Heck I saw a 07' GT500 conv. go for I think it was $85k last month. You can find them for sticker if you look hard enough. Does that mean they are all worth $85k.. no way. But that one was that day with those nutty bidders.

    Back to the original theme... Black with Gray stripes. Its the opposite of Eleanor... the uneleanor you might say... But to each his own.:nice:
  16. My best rule of thumb?? Never let "the average person" influence your decision-making when speccing a car.... Let's face it, "the average person" isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, is he?....

    If folks don't know the difference between Eleanor and a real Shelby, then.... their opinion doesn't matter anyhow...

    Good discussion though..
  17. i just got a new black GT/CS a had white stripes put on. it looks great.
  18. the white stripes definately make the car jump out. not even a battle :SNSign:
  19. +1 :nice: