Blowing Fuse Number 9 Fixed

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  1. Well, i've finally figured out why I keep blowing fuse number 9. Fuse number 9 controls turn signals and the brake light, for about a month now ive been using hand signals to drive back and forth from work so i wouldnt get a ticket. Well i installed a new clutch quadrent and i made it my goal to figure out why i keep blowing this fuse, it would only blow when i put in the clutch, took me 4 fuses in a row to figure that out. Well there are 3 wires above the clutch pedal and every time you put in the clutch, the clutch pedal raises up and rubs on these wires, and eventually it will rub the wires raw exposing the copper. BAM problem finally solved, taped up the wires excessively because the clutch pedal will still raise up and make contact with the wires. I even checked my dads 99 mustang gt and it is doing the same thing, rubbing the wires raw. Its a son of gun to see these wires and even harder to tape them.

    Its also very hard to get a decent pic of it but hopefully this will help anyone out with this problem. It looks like eventually everyone will run into this problem as the clutch constantly rubs these wires.
  2. Nice write and nice topic keep them coming , I am glad you could fix this problem , tbh , most of our problems seems hard and could not be fixed yet in fact its small thing like the wire you are having here. :D
  3. Now go back in and solder and shrink tube those wires so that you can get rid of that electrical tape. :)
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