body kit

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by nitrousrush, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. as far as I knew it's the GT body kit (including front bumper) Just different grill... But I'm sure I'm probably wrong... Just what I was told
  2. Looks damn close to a GT bumper. :notnice:

  3. gt grills are solid, cobras are open.
  4. also gt rear bumpers wrap even around the back, the cobra has a slant/tilt going upwards. the Gt side skirts have GT cast into them (atleast the ones ive seen). other than that i think the front bumper w/ a cobra grille is the same as the gt.

    looking at the picture i cant tell if the cobra has the scoops right before the front's and before the rear's , while the gt does have these openings. :shrug:

    nice body kit IMO, not to found of the 3 star pony rims though :notnice:
  5. I thought we were just talkin about the front bumper cover lol. Thats the only part of the GT body kit that remotely resembles the Cobra kit. The cobra sides are like saleens, and the cobra rear bumper covers are like LX's except the cover goes down farther right behind the rear wheels to balance the body lines. Look at any GT and then look at a cobra, definate difference.
  6. tis the cobra front bumper u can tell the diffrence if u look at the gt its sick im gonna put it on my car i wish i could find the side skirts and back bumper but i cant... but this bumper is 202 bucs and im gonna get it its sick
  7. you can find cheap redproduction GT kits everywhere for 400-500 bucks, now thats sick like damn man thats only double what youre payin for your front bumper, sick dude. Whatch'yu got for the nizzle nozzles spray pack...some trip fitties wit' the WOT pop?