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  1. Hood scoop grills 71-73 50 pr
    Fender extn 70 coupe passenger side 100 pr
    splash shields 70 3 pcs 2 LH headlight pcs ! LH cowel pc D0ZB16A / D0ZB16B
    Qtr exten 70 coupe D0zb 71-73 fastback D1zb 150 pr
    D0zb head light trim plasrtic and tin trim
    70 a pillar trim
    71 lower steering wheel trim 25
    70 hood latch and support
    dozens of lights markers and tail assemblys
  2. how much for the splash shields and which part# are they?
  3. Splash shields D0ZB-16A D0ZB16B i have left hand sides right had sold but may have more due to fact of having more L/H pcs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.