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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by Vegas Stang, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. I replaced my front opening Cobra II scoop with a small 2" high rear opening cowl scoop and lowered the engine compartment heat by 30 degrees as tested for a week in 70 degree temps. I like the outcome but not the looks.


    I saw this bolt on scoop with hidden flange on this site and like it's looks much better, does anyone know who makes it?. I really don't want to glass and bondo a cowl on because my paint is perfect. I presently have a 14" hole cut in the hood under the scoop to vent hot air out. With 115 degree days right around the corner I really want to run cooler this summer.

  2. Did you try just reversing your original scoop?
    My 78 II had the scoop backwards like your new one. Might be all you need.

    BTW welcome and love the look of your car.
  3. Due to it's small opening 1' x 16" the factory scoop reversed just doesn't flow enough air to lower temps in Vegas summer. I will just have to keep looking for the one above.
  4. Well I knew if I looked long enough I would find something close, 22 wide x 3 1/2 high 51" long (will require 10" shortening) fiberglass construction with 2" internal mounting flange for hidden bolt on installation. So I ordered it, should arrive within 10 days, we'll see.
    View attachment 328446

    Underside showing 2" mounting flange.
    View attachment 328447
  5. I'm sure you've already purchased something for your car, but you may want to look at the scoop used on the 79-82 Mustangs. Not the front opening scoop but the one on the 79 - 80 Cobras specifically I think it's as wide as the high point on the II's hood and creates a nice cowl rise on the car. You may have to google for some stangs to see the scoop but I've seen em in posted pics here in stangnet awhile back on II's they look good
  6. I've got that scoop on the 1st hood of my II before I put on teh tunnel ram.


    If you want, I'll pull that hood out and get a few more pics of it.
  7. Hey VEGAS where did you find that hood? looks real nice:nice:
  8. I went with the SC-124 here are some photos, I just laid it on the hood and will have to shorten it about4-8 inches have not decided how far forward I want it but I do want to cover the hole left from the Ghia ornament that was originally on the car, yuk.
  9. That SC-124 is the exact scoop used by the gentleman with the white/gold stripe car, so you did good detective work! I'm doing the exact same thing with my KC. If my memory serves, the scoop on the white/gold car was shortened 7".
  10. Wasn't the guy who owned the white/gold cobra from Vegas as well? Or does anyone else recall that info
  11. [​IMG]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Cowl is done and installed I like it and apparently so does everyone who commented on the car last night as I was cruising around. Underhood temp has dropped a full 60 degrees and has not exceeded 120 even in Vegas bumper to bumper traffic.
  12. Hey VEGAS ssaawweeeetttt!:nice: :nice: :nice: if you could how about a side shoot of her.
  13. Don't quote me on it but I believe the cowl was meant for a 69 Camaro and he shaved a bit off to make it shorter.
  14. Actually it's universal to any curved hood as long as you cut the length to fit. I removed 7" and shortened the amount of overhang so it would not hit the header vent when hood is raised. Mine is mounted a little forward to cover the hole in hood left by the factory hood ornament base and worked out well to mount front mounting center stud.
    Here is the description:

    The newest version of our cowl induction scoop line. This scoop features full inside mounting flange for complete bolt on application (bolts will not show). Smooth gel coat finish and reinforced rear opening. Side profile features slight curve to match contour of the hood. Similar to SC114 in height and length.
    Overall width at front 22"
    Overall width at rear 24-5/8" (not 26")
    Overall length, down the middle 51"
    Usable side length 44" (the part that will mount to the hood)
    Internal flange dimensions 2-1/2 wide along sides. Mounting bolts and instructions are supplied with this scoop.
  15. Man, Vegas, you work FAST! Motivated man...

    Close, he's in SLC, Utah.
  16. Cut, sanded, painted, buffed, striped, drilled and mounted in 4 hours. 2 days of measuring and re mesuring and re measuring. Well worth it though.

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