Boss 302 Upgrade

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  1. It has been a while since I looked into this, but if you install the Boss 302 Intake Manifold, I know you need the manifold install kit, but do you need to upgrade to a 90mm billet throttle body due to the fitment of the new intake manifold or will the intake manifold- with the install kit- hook up properly to the stock throttle body?

    And what is the tuner that you recommend? I have read about people having trouble with different tunes they have received. Just looking for the tuner that will get me the closest to Ford's Boss 302 tune.
  2. I'd almost want to get a custom tune at a shop when installing this, not that Bama couldn't do it but I've had some tune issues in the past when installing an intake manifold on a prior vehicle. I'm thinking the Bama Tuner could do the trick maybe? Check out American Muscle and give em' a call, great advice from those guys. I normally just click the option to chat with a rep online.
  3. Been repairing/upgrading suspension so that the car will be able to handle the engine intake, exhaust, and tune upgrades I will be making. Here is a picture of the first intake upgrade: SR Performance CAI. I actually think I had more trouble installing this than the rear LCAs simply because of a lack of room.

    It is quite a bit like the BBK CAI from what I hear- it even whistles at a certain RPM range, so it is probably contracted by American Muslce to BBK. I went with it because it gets the job done, it is Ford engine blue (like the coil covers will be once I install the Boss intake manifold), and it doesn't require a tune as the MAS inserts into the tube.

    SR Performance CAIedit.jpg
  4. Got my Boss 302 intake manifold and coil covers yesterday. Should get my tuner, fuel rail covers, and strut tower brace next week. I'm as happy as a little girl.
  5. Put everything on last night. Finished up in the dark around 10pm.

    Loaded the new tune and car sounded like it was loping with low RPM idle. Kept dying on me.
    Changed the tune to street tune from race tune. Ran a little better. Took it for a drive. Had erratic, low idle and then engine would rev up on its own to 2k or higher and stay, go even higher. Had to turn the car off to get it to stop. Tried using cruise control and car sputtered, gave me engine codes P300, P301, P302, and P303, all misfires. Would run fine at high RPMs, REAL fast. Drove home. Then started car again, ran like it did the very first time after tune, very poorly.

    Did some research after griping to tuner. Check all of my vacuums. Pinned a noise down to passenger side of the intake manifold.

    Found that two of the injectors were missing the o rings that go on them. I found one when I pulled the stock intake manifold off. Found the other STILL IN the stock manifold. Put them back on, tightened everything back down and runs great. I obviously contacted the tuner and told them essentially I am an idiot for bothering them.

    Be careful when pulling those fuel lines out of the stock intake manifold. Check the o rings on the injectors. Mine were really seized and the o rings got stock in the original manifold which led to a lot of troubleshooting and time wasted! Not having those o rings causes the cylinders to not compress and seal properly. Electronic throttle cars don't like vacuum leaks too well.