Boss 302 Vs 82 302

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  1. I have found a 66 mustang that has a boss 302. I was wondering since this engine is not as common would i be able to find performance parts for it. My main question is which engine would it be easier to get 400-500 horsepower out of? and what would it require for the boss engine
  2. Awesome find....those motors don't pop up every day. Basically is a 4 bolt heavy duty Windsor bottom end with Cleveland heads.

    Around 10.5:1 comp stock and 290hp/290tq in 1971

    What year is the Engine????

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  3. is it realy a boss 302? i dont know how many times i have gone to look at a mustang with a boss 302 that turned out to be just a 289 or a regular 302.
  4. get a pic first.You cannot confuse the two.
  5. I would definitely stick with the Boss. Or at least give it to me if it is real. :)
  6. if it turns out to be a boss which will be better to make power?
  7. Real Boss 302s are exceedingly rare, and very expensive if you do find one. To answer your question, Boss 302s have huge ports and valves for 302 cubic inches. They have the potential to make tremendous high rpm horsepower, especially when compared to the anemic ports and valves in stock 302s. You can always invest in a good set of aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads trick flow or edelbrock and produce lots of power. It's very unlikely that its actually a Boss. If the valve covers look like 302/351W covers, you can pretty much assume the seller doesn't know what he's talking about. Here is a link to pics and info on the Boss 302.