Broken Bolt ... Intake Questions!!

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  1. Well, after reading many threads regarding the 180 degree thermostat (pros and cons), I decided to replace the 180 that I have in, with a stocker. Long story short, I broke one of the bolts that hold the thermostat housing to the intake/block and can't back it out. I am going to have to take my upper intake off.

    My question to you guys is, what type of intake should I buy to put back on? I have had a few problems with this plastic piece of ****, like my temperature sender blowing out of the block and stripping the threads .. I have had it JB Welded in there for like two years lol. Anyway, I would like some advice on aftermarket upper intakes .. I do not know much about them so forgive the dumbness. Thanks guys!

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  2. What year car do you have? Can't tell from your profile or sig...

    If you need the intake with the aluminum runner and you're pre 99 get a PI intake with aluminum runner. Else, if you have a 99+ get a PI intake with an aluminum runner (I know I repeated myself)

    I have a '98 and got a pre 99 NPI intake with an aluminum runner...

    Btw, it's your lower intake... the upper intake is the plenum with the pony on it.

    See my intake replacement link in my sig... Have fun... :nice:
  3. 1998 GT :bang: I can't believe I forgot to post that.

    GDawg, your link in your sig is quite helpful. Did you just replace your stock lower intake? Nothing else? That is what I want to do, but I didn't know if any aftermarket intakes work with the stock heads.?.? Do you have any pics of after the install?

    Anybody else feel free to enlighten me too. :SNSign:
  4. My coolant runner sprung a leak on my stock intake so I replaced it with a stock intake without the aluminum runner. Then I stripped out one of the temp sensors. The fitting stripped out of that crappy plastic. So I put the old one back on and bought one with the aluminum runner. So than I put that one on and everything has been fine since. I only had to buy the two lower gaskets. You can reuse the upper plenum gasket.

    There are aftermarket intakes you can buy for the '98 but they are expensive. Bullitt has one. I think the other one is called Reinhart racing or something like that.

    Or you can always go from your non-PI intake and buy a PI one and put that on. That's good for a few horses but research it before you do it.
  5. Yeah, my coolant sender literally just blew out a few years back. The entire nut and sensor flew out and kept doing it so I JB welded it.

    Where did you get the intake with the aluminum runner from? Ford? Internet?

    Also, does anyone know anything about that lawsuit settlement in 2005 regarding these cheap plastic intakes? Just was reading some about it but don't quite understand what it is all about ...