Bullitt Gauges

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  1. Back when they were on the lot, I test drove a Bullitt. I remember the gauges having a 60’s retro look to them. They were dark gauges though not white. I for the life of me can’t find them anywhere, nor do I find anyone else asking about them. Did I imagine these gauges and if not, where can I buy them. Also is it hard to install them on a 99 gt?

    Thanks In Advance
  2. arent they the same ones in the MACH I's? if thats what u want, u can probly go and buy a new gauge cluster and swap em out
  3. Yup

    I looked them up on a website, those are the gauges! I am still having a problem finding them for sale on-line. Is the dealer my only choice?? And just out of curiosity, does anyone else think they look awesome?!?
  4. i think they look ok, but the price is prob gonna be pretty steep. if i was going to spend a pretty penny on guages i'd prob go w/ autometer
  5. OK i called up Ford, and all they have is the entire Unit for like 500 bucks. Sorry I think I will pass. Does anyone know of any aftermarket retro style gauges, and where I can get them?
  6. ive been looking for the exact same thing, they look awesome... no luck finding them though
  7. anyone out there know where we can find this????!?!?!?
  8. I dont know where you could buy them, but if you find anywhere please post it here. I wouldnt mind buying a set either
  9. Every once in awhile they pop up on Ebay.
  10. Bullitt guages


    The Bullitt and Mach 1 gauges are the same except for the Mach 1 has "Premium Fuel Only " on the Cluster. Also the Auot and manual tranmissions have diferent RPM redlines.

    Just keep checking ebay and also try the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club web site at http://www.imboc.com/.

    I used the swap meet forum and posted a want ad. Got my set for $100.00.