Bumpsteer Kit?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 90mustangGT, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. I need to get a bumpsteer kit for my Flaming River Manual Rack. What is a good brand? What do you have and how do you like it?
  2. C'mon y'all!!!

    Steeda, UPR, MM, ?????
  3. I have the steeda kit. No drilling required to install it, it works, and to top it off it looks trick.
  4. Yeah, I looked at that kit, looks real nice. $150 is kind of steep, where is the best place to buy them. Partshopper has them for that but then you can get a 10% discount with the code.
  5. Don't mean to steal your post but I'm getting ford racing c springs and was wondering if I needed a bumpsteer kit for such a small drop. Thanks
  6. I got the ones off ebay they were quality and fit right on!
  7. I looked at both the MaximumMotorsports and Steeda kits. The manual rack kits are different, I might want to give them a call on that.
  8. did the bump steer kit actually help?? I've heard yes and no.
    I have bump steer real bad after i lowered and put on the Mach wheels.
  9. I did a search before I posted. It's hard to find any real answers but everyone who has bought a set says it really makes a difference in steering stability and the car staying consistant instead of going where the road and the potholes push it. One thing about my mustang, it would be so effected by little things like road crown or any uneven pavemtent. I hate fighting with the steering wheel. I will have manual steering, I ordered the rack today, so I don't want to have to fight even more.
  10. I have 165mm tires on the front of one of my cars. There is absolutly NO "bumpsteer"/tracking.

    It doesn't handle like a car with 245mm on the front though.
  11. I would think with a thin tire up front, there would be more bump steer because you would have less tire on the road, less room for error. Well, weather I pay $50 or $150 tomorow, I'll do something.
  12. The UPR definately looks nice for the price... anyone used it?
  13. Yes, it is a Steeda knock-off or copy ... works good and serves the purpose just as well as any other.

    Although I haven't come down off a 4 foot wheelstand onto them :D
  14. Probably not, you'll have to see if you need them after your spring install .... it won't be so horrible as to warrant parking the car. :nice:

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  15. steeda...work great
  16. Do you have C/C plates and have you increased the caster? More caster will definitely help decrease the "Road Wander".
  17. When I bought my 90gt it was lowered. It also has caster/camber plates and 245 tires. I tried adjusting c/c and front end align,ent to no avail. very bump or groove would make the car wander. I bought the UPR bumpsteer kit off ebay for less than $100 shipped. Installed them and set the alignment as close as i could at home. It was a night and day difference. Just dont buy the kits with regular bolts. You will have to drill your spindles to use them. The UPR and Steedas are direct bolt on.
  18. I bought the UPR ones along with their caster/camber plates. Although I didn't install them yet they look good. I have a "B" spring and a considerable amount of bump-steer. These products should correct it. I got a good deal on the parts because I purchased them at FFW in Jersey. If there is an event coming near you and they are there, you can get sick deals if you buy a lot. Me and my friend bought at least $1300 worth of part between us and the catalog price on those was close to $2000.
    After that tangent UPR products are copies of what works, for less money. I'll take em'. Good quality and considerably cheaper than others.
  19. Well, my car's stock so I don't think 4 foot wheelstands will be much of a concern for me. :rlaugh:

    Seems like pretty much everything UPR makes is a copy of someone else's product... :shrug:
  20. Well, I bought the UPR bumpsteer kit. If it were a cornering car, I would have gotten Steeda or MM or even if they were a little more, but 50% more, for a drag car? Well, I always wanted to try UPR Products. I don't mind on the "odds and ends" not to be top notch.

    Well, I'll try this kit and if I like the quality I might get the UPR anit-roll bar for the rear. I'll post again when they come in.