Buying a gt500, anything I should look for?

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  1. Is one year better than the other?
    Anything I should watch out for?
    Any special options I should get?

  2. There is a couple little things that got fixed after mid '07 - there's a TSB for it.

    These are the options but some are only available for 08/09:
    - Premium Interior
    - HID
    - Shaker 1000 (10 speakers)
    - Ambient lighting
    - Navigation
    - Satellite radio (turtle shell antenna on deck)
    - Car cover
    - Stripe's - all, some, or none

    You can also look at the build sheet on the home page.

    The only major change is that in 09 the satellite radio is standard. I had one on order and once I saw this I found an 08 without it.

    The only thing to watch out for is the ADM.

    Enjoy :)

    Saleen 89-215
  3. what is adm?

    i'm asking for help on a ebay stang, sorry to hijack, but i need opinions bad, the car is 55,900 but has 625+ dyno'ed HP. silver & black. 2008 gt500 cobra shelby
    seller is madmax.
    there are many new comers to the stang, and we need your guidence very bad, before we make a bad decision and a very costly 1.
    i also heard in 2009 there will be aroush 700HP model? is that true?