Buying an 04 Cobra in the next three weeks...

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  1. 550, can you tell me where you found a 6lb pully. I've seen the 2.81 all over but it says only like 4-5.
  2. mods

    The 2.8 upper makes more more boost (and power) than a 6 LB lower.
    TRUST ME ON THIS! I've had plenty of them on the dyno.
    JDM probably has the best pulley,belt,idler combo. I have no belt slip and can wax cars with 6 lb lowers.

    When it comes tune time....I recommend a SCT tune.
    DO NOT add a pulley without a re-tune!.
    The C&L is a good mod, it makes a little power and supports future modifications. It's not "necessary" at this point but I wouldn't send it back.
    It made power on a stock pullied 03 cobra last week (I tuned it on the dyno).
    It'll be nice to have should you ever run high boost or a kb/whipple.
    Headers make great power, but they are expensive.
    I have the KOOK/JDM headers with their h-pipe, free flow cats and magnaflow catback.
    I gained nearly 30HP and 40 ft lbs from the headers....they work.
    I get daily complements on how killer the car sounds, too =o)
  3. boost

    Also.....try not to fall into the trap of measuring total boost PSI as a way of measuing performance.
    Boost is backpressure......
    It means you are forcing air in at a higher rate than can be breathed out and creates pressure.
    When you add better flowing heads or add headers, you will "lose" a little boost but gain power.
    I lost about 1.5 LBS with my header install.....does this mean less air is coming in?
    It means the engine is more efficiently pumping air through itself and it better dealing with the amount of air coming in.
    So at 1.5 lbs less total boost than I had with just the 2.8 pulley alone, the pulley and headers are making another 30HP and almost 40 ft lbs more at the tire. I actually have MORE air coming in than before, and this shows on the scan tool through the MAF.
  4. Vic, there is a set of new Flowmaster catbacks that was offered to me for 100. Do the flows increace HP at all, or is it just sound? The guy bought them for his cobra in 2002, and wrecked it about a week before he was gonna put them on. If I get the Flows for 100, I'll have no problem gettin the Bassani Xpipe and Bassani Headers. I decided to order the 2.81 pully after I talked to the SVT tech at my dealership. He told me that as long as the car comes in with the stock pully on it, he wouldn't be checkin for a chip, because the pully is the only thing that he says would require a chip. "If there is a new pully, we would check your computer to see exactally how much you have changed with the car to see if you have voided any aspects of the warranty." This was good news.... :)
  5. I would say shipping from Australia will make it more than any other comparable cat-back??

    But good news about your dealership being probably the must understanding dealership in the country.

  6. LOL! Australia, '02, shipping... I get it! :rlaugh:

    I think his dealership is pretty cool to let him pulley & chip his car. I'm sure the SVT tech won't check for a chip or pulley, but the regional rep will! ;)

    Hey MiamiFan1354 - Those flows will sound really nice, but they are not known for stellar performance numbers...

  7. I meant his cobra he bought in 02.. was an 01 cobra
  8. Flowmasters sound absolutely horrible with longtubes and so do x-pipes.
    I don't know exactly why it sound so nasty, but it's really terrible.
    Go with a Magnaflow or Bassani catback.
    Longtunes with h-pipe, free-flow cats and magnaflow catback sounds purely sexual.
  9. warranty

    I wouldn't trust him. Another guy who just "happens to be there" may nail you. Anyone who brings anything other than a 100% stock cobra into the dealer (including air filter) is playing the odds at losing their warranty.
    I've seen people lose warranty on a totally stock car with a cleaned chip port!
    If my car ever goes back in (and it won't unless there is something really major), it will be 100% stock in every way, right down to the PCM.