C&l Intake Pipe

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  1. I have the cast aluminum C&L intake pipe that has the spot where you can tap it for nitrous. It goes in between the throttle body and MAF. The o.d. of the intake pipe is 3.5". Which is larger than the entrance of my 65mm BBK throttle body and the exit of my 76 mm bullet Pro-M MAF.

    Do these C&L pipes normally come with reducer couplers?
  2. Mine has a 2nd ring that goes around the throttle body
  3. Yep, should come with another ring.

  4. If you have an old belt laying around you can wrap it around and cut it with a tight fit
  5. Mine came with double couplers on both ends, couldn't get the inner coupler on my Mass Air Meter though.
  6. Right after I posted this I went to home depot and got A black rubber coupler for PVC pipe. Worked great, especially for 3 bucks.
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  8. Fernco = rubber

    I'd find a silicone unit, and not the bewb shaped kind
  9. but i like the boob shaped kind!!!
  10. You just wish you could stick your pipe into that
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  11. whats your point???