C&L MAF, Inlet tube, Intake Plenum, and BBK t/b

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  1. Im planning on getting the c&l maf, inlet tube, intake plenum, and a bbk t/b, but with the increased air flow ill need to upgrade my fuel injectors right? I dont want a chip yet so which fuel injectors would i get. If i dont get any injectors and i get all the c&l stuff my car will be running rich or lean right? Are upgraded injectors really necessary? What lbs should i get?

    Got some new ideas....

    1. Tokico suspension kit
    C&L MAF
    C&L Inlet Tube
    C&L Intake Plenum
    BBK T/B

    2. Tokico suspension kit
    C&L MAF
    C&L Intake Plenum
    BBK T/B
    Trans-Go Shift Kit

    Idea 1 or idea 2??? Still need advice on those injectors.
  2. You won't need bigger injectors with those mods. I would go with idea 2
  3. If those are the only mods your stock injectors will be fine and I like option 2 also... :nice:
  4. Will I need any kind of tune for these mods? MAF, T/b, intake plenum, shift kit...
  5. I don't think so, I would wait until you get all your boltons done before you get your tune. Also make sure you get the C&L calibrated for the stock 19 lbs injectors.
  6. FYI...you'll probably wind up running lean. I wound up running lean with similar mods and SES light got thrown. I put the stock MAF back on (with K&N filter inside and no silencer). I plan to put MAF back on when I get a tune this spring.
  7. I actually ended up getting richer as a pose to getting more lean.

    I have the exact set up you're refering to in option #1.

    There are no worries about calibration for the C&L Maf for your car, feel free to snag the 85mm one for your year. It reuses your stock maf electronics.
  8. Do you guys recomend these mods? If you could do it over again would you still go with the plenum, t/b, and maf?
  9. I've put on the exact same mods minus the plenum(see sig) and have had no problems. Still using stock injectors. Just be sure to reset your comp. and to give it a few driving cycles to relearn the changes. BTW car still averages 23.5 to 25.6 MPG.
  10. Is the inlet tube really worth it???
  11. Personally, I get stuff in conjunction, just because I'm weird like that, so I wouldn't skip it myself and I think it's worth having a complete set rather than still using some stock parts in a series of mods that can easily go with each other. If that makes any sense.

    Performance wise, I wouldn't know, I threw on the C&L Plenum, Intake Pipe, 85mm MAF, BBK 75mm TB at the same time.

    I guess it's worth it, though, apparently my numbers are a little higher than what most would expect.
  12. Not sure, since I bought and installed all at the same time. When I bought the stuff it came as part of the package, so I figured what the heck.
  13. Yeah..... my overall goal is to get enough bolt ons to keep up with a stock 03 Mach 1. I think these mods plus what I have right now should do it for me??
  14. Will I need new fuel injectors with the plenum, maf, t/b, and inlet tube?

  15. No.
  16. You will not keep up with a mach 1 with these mods, sorry to burst your bubble. You do need some LCAs and Subframes, maybe some UCAs.
  17. if you are going to spend that much money get a set of cams and a tune, that is the direction i am heading. i actually got rid of my c&l maf
  18. He has 21 lb injectors. Like was said before: the C/L uses the stock maf sensor
  19. 99+ comes with 19lb injectors stock. If you are planning on doing a shift kit maybe look into Jerry's mod first. Costs almost nothing. I think thats the way i would go if i had an auto. Also, may want to think about a gear. 4.10 would probably give you better results than dropping all the money on the C&L stuff. Just my .02. Good luck :nice:
  20. yeah i got 4.10's with the transgo shift kit and it's astounding what a difference it made.

    also, when I do my head swap, i'll be getting the C&L plenum and 75mm tb. i've already got the C&L maf with a homemade denscharger CAI and I noticed a nice little SOTP gain. More than what people say it gives (which they say is nothing). My timeslips proved the naysayers wrong. :D