Cam Choice For 351c 4v?

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  1. I have a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with a 351C 4v.
    The car was a gift from my father and was his car from the late 70's.
    It was put in storage from 84 until Dec 2012, when he gave it to me.

    The car has a 351C 4v from a 1972 Mustang (Dad says it is a Cobra Jet???).
    The motor is a four-bolt main, bored .30 over and has a '10-10 crank.'
    Carb is Holley 600 single-pumper.
    Heads are now open-chamberd and have hardened seats. (Use to have closed chambered heads and a 650 double pumper carb but would 'diesel' when turned off.)
    It has the shaker ram air scoop and a K&N filter.
    Spark plugs are new NGK Iridiums, oil was replaced with Pennzoil 10w-30.
    Last engine rebuild was less than 10k miles ago (though in te early 1980's)

    Tranny is a Ford 4-speed, with fresh Redline lube and Hurst shifter.

    Rear differential is a Ford 9" Posi geared 3.50:1

    The Cam that is in the Cleveland is extremly worn out (been in 3 engines and was purchased by my grandpa in the early 70's). I believe my dad said it was some kind of 'Fireball' cam???

    Eitherway it needs replacing, along with the lifters.

    I plan to use this car as my 'Sunday Driver' or take it to car shows and work on extremly nice days.
    I am looking for a cam that will give me great street-ability and a little 'umph' and a good sound (she is still a muscle car) while not losing any reliability.

    Basically I am repairing this car to last another 45 years and go to my son.

    SO finally my question(s):

    What cam do you guys reccomend for my application???

    Also, can you provide me with more info on the car that this Cleveland came from?
  2. If it does in fact have 4 bolt mains then it is most likely a CJ which would have had open chamber heads from the factory.

    If your heads are stock with pedestal mount rockers you will be limited on the amount of cam lift. Something like this would work well and not cost a lot.

    A timing set and matching valve springs would probably be a good idea.

    A word of caution. If your heads still have the factory 2 piece valves you may want to consider changing them. They are known to fail without warning and can do a lot of damage when they do.
  3. Thanks! I will look into that.

    I know my dad was building this motor up back in the late 70's to combat the Trans Ams. So I know it would be a hodge-podge of the best parts junkyards could provide.

    He was a crafty poor man at that time.

    Thanks again for commenting.
  4. I haven't messed with the Clevelands very much .The ones i did i always had trouble with clatering rockers and oil pressure problem .The one that did work out was a screamer ,i used Comp cams 280 H and used the Crane rocker conversion ,i liked that one.
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