can someone explain this to me...

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  1. Why is it whenever you're trying to find something you lost/misplaced, its always in the last place you look? No matter what it is, or where you are... You always find it in the last place you look... Maybe I should start looking there first? But then would it be there or somewhere else?
  2. obviously its the last place you don't keep looking after you found it!!
  3. yea but... if you had a list of places to look, and you started from your last place would it automatically be there?
  4. Murphy's Law brotha :p
  5. me and murphy dont get along too well.
  6. Yeah, the guy's a bit of a bugger
    always there when you don't want him to be.

    "The one time I decide to speed is the time a cop will be sitting there with the radar gun"
  7. "The one time I decide to speed is the time a cop will be sitting there with the radar gun"

    Happend to me :(
  8. Its the lost thing gnomes....distant relatives of the underwear gnomes known to frequent South Park.
  9. LOL of course its the last place you look. " Oh heres my phone i have been looking for for the past 4 hours, thats nice better keep looking in case it multiplyed and theres more lieing around here"
  10. Zach its become apparent that you are the beginner of some of the most off the wall threads.
    And yes its always the last place cause if it was the first it wouldn't be lost.
  11. but if it would be in the first place you looked, then that would also be the last place too... So how can something be the first and last at the same time???
  12. it has nothing to do with the last place. It everything you were looking for was in the first place then it wouldnt be lost.
  13. One time I whipped Murphy's ass....:D

  14. That must have been when that SOB moved to my house.... Thanks alot Joe he now gets mail here.....
  15. :lol:

    I always lose stuff. I'm the worst. If I could meet that Murphy guy, I would seriously probably kick his ass.... :spot: