Can the TPMS be disabled?

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  1. Hello! I'm about to purchase a new set of wheels & tires for my 07 Mustang and plan on stashing the originals away. I'm not really thrilled about every place I see wanting to charge an extra $200.00 (or more) to my upcoming purchase just for the new TPMS sensors and scan tool. I personally think this is an annoying feature and don't want to have it active if I can somehow turn it off. Besides, I've got enough sense to make sure my tires are properly inflated. I've got along fine for many years without having a TPMS system on other cars. It seems that every time the outside temperature takes a dip, my TPMS warning system comes on. I'll stop and check my tire pressure, and at the most, there might be 1 tire with maybe a 1 or 2 psi. variance. In my opinion, it shouldn't be THAT sensitive.
  2. "Hello! I'm about to purchase a new set of wheels & tires for my 07 Mustang"

    You have enough money to replace the original wheels and tires with aftermarket wheels and tires yet you complain about Ford's sensors....?

    Deal with it..
  3. Well Steve, I was asking a legitimate question and was wanting a direct answer to it. Not really impressed by your smart-a$$ remark. Was expecting better from these forums.
  4. Please don't think that everyone shares the same opinion. I can understand the idea that if you could just simply turn off the feature and save $200 from the cost of new wheels it would be worth the asking. I've not heard of any way to simply disable the system but hopefully someone chimes in.
  5. Thanks GearHeadBoy for the response, and understanding that I was only trying to save myself a little money on my upcoming purchase. If I don't purchase the new TPMS sensors, the TPMS system will constantly show that there is a problem. I have spoken with the gentleman who writes my tune files, and he says that he CAN turn the feature off, but will NOT do it from a liability standpoint. Several months ago, I also wanted my Traction Control disabled. He wouldn't do that either for the same reason. Oh well. Looks like I'll be purchasing the new TPMS sensors.
  6. Very good. It's not a ton of money I suppose. Or maybe visit another tuner?
  7. 200 bucks is 200 bucks. Since the TPMS is literally an unnecessary feature for most of us with sense, that is money that could otherwise be spent on OTHER mods (or fuel).
    I am also very interested in this. If a tuner said he could do it but won't, does that mean if you have an SCT tuner you can disable it?

    Interested if anyone has a direct answer and can share.
  8. That whole TPMS thing is feature that belongs on a Taurus, driven by a soccer mom, who turns to her husband at the dinner table and says something like, "Honey, the flashy light thingy on the dash is blinking again". It's designed for people who go to jiffy lube once a year and otherwise put gas in the car to make it go. Should never have been put on a Mustang without an O-F-F mode.
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  9. Thank the Govt. All car's 2007 & up must have a TPMS system.

    As far as I know, the TPMS software is NOT a part of the tune, it resides in the SJB and cannot be changed.
  10. Too bad we do not have an amendment that gives us rights against forced TPMS, but in time the govt would strike that one down along with the others.
  11. In owning Bullitt since 08, I have not found a diy way to turn off the *&^M tpms.

    However, all that said, it is one heck of a nail finder! If you leave home and its off, but comes on 20 miles down the interstate, it's become a reliable warning of a pending flat tire. I have experience in this.

    Pita, but I guess its here to stay. Now, if someone knows how to turn it off, I'm listening.
  12. I recall seeing an article where the 4 TPMS sensors were removed from the stock wheels and put in a small pressurized tube and stored in the trunk of a car. As long as the tube held air, the warning lamp stays off. Maybe this is urban myth, but it seems logical and easy enought.... My 05 isn't equiped with TPMS
  13. Reuse old sensors, just get new straps... they are cheap enough and should be replaced ever 5 to 7 years as the battery does die..
    I know it was mentioned that TPMS was law 07 and up, but my 2 07 Focus vehicles do not have it.
    and no, that is not a Myth, I have a Buddy who took all 4 sensors and stick them in a small metal tube he made welded a metal valve on it from Harbor freight and Pumped it to 40 psi and Forgot about it..
    so it cam be done, However this will depend on where you put them, truck is not as good as tucked in dash so when the batteries get weak they will work as long as possible,
    BUT as cheap as they art just add them..
  14. Well, if the only alternative is rolling around town with a pipe bomb in your car, I'll go ahead and shell out the extra $150 for the sensors.
  15. Easy fix.....................remove instrument cluster.........remove tpms light bulb. Fixed!
  16. Wrong, Bullitt347. I wish it was that simple. My 2007 GT has the Info display and it spells out that there is a low tire, along with an annoying chime. As it turns out, I got my new wheels & tires today and my tire dealer threw in the new TPMS sensors and programmed everything and didn't charge me a dime for it.
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