can you fail inspection by getting dual exhaust on a car not meant to have it?

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  1. what I mean is, if you have a V6 2000 stang, and you want to get dual exhaust will they know this car is supposed to not have dual exhaust and fail you on that alone?
  2. no, but i sugest fiding like a mom and pop garage and getting to know the people so you can do some cool stuff to your car, and they still let you pass inspection...
  3. the only exhaust related inspection laws require it to come out a few inches past the rear/frame. had dual's on my 95 6-banger.
  4. It is against the law to go to dual exhaust in California if your car is originally a single setup.
  5. Inless it has a little carb sticker on it.
  6. Against the law for a shop in CA to install em? or against the law for the owner? Cuz I was wondering if they would allow people to travel outta state, have them installed, and then come back driving it as a CA car. Will they give you your inspection sticker then?
  7. what isnt illegal in cali?
  8. It's illegal for a shop to change out the mid-pipe with working cats to something else (which they do all the time anyway).

    It's also illegal to have a mid-pipe without cats it just depends on your local law enforcement and inspection peeps enforcing it. You could always weld some cat shells to it to pass a visual inspection but you're pretty much fugged if you have to be smog tested.

    Changing out your cat-back will in no way be illegal.....

  9. yup you can do most any thing you want, after the stock cats
  10. yeah but theres a garage i get mine inspected at that just checks headlights, turn signals, horn, and windshield wipers.... pretty sweet
  11. Ok I just got Catback installed, so I SHOULD be fine.
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