Car Breakin


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Oct 16, 2012
My locked 2007 Mustang GT was 'broken' into but I don't know how as there was no damage I can find.
The battery was dead so no alarm but, the car was definitely locked.
Also, the neighbors car, a Honda Accord, was also broken into without damage.
Anybody know how this was done?

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Jan 4, 1985
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The simplest solution (if I were doing it) would be to leave an RF receiver/recorder in your yard for a few days. Something like this:


It could look like a rock, stick, or anything else you could think of. I'd drop it off when you weren't home and scoop it back up again while you were away. It's easy to spot the spike in RF and from there, I only need to play that data back on the correct frequency.

I continue to blast those recorded signals out until I see your headlights blink.

On a side note: If you have any wireless cameras on or near your property, they likely have access to those too unless they were configured professionally. They probably also have access to your wireless router (fairly simple to do).

You should take steps and never log into your modem or router console wirelessly. You should also assume that your home network is compromised (even if it is not). I only have to catch someone logging to your router wirelessly [one time] in order to own your network and every device on it that considers it a private network to include phones.

Change your passwords for [everything]. Packet sniffers don't lie.