Car Randomly Dies While Running Good, New Dizz, New Tfi..etc

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  1. Before the issue I was doing some basic tune-up stuff, New Throttle body with new Sensors, New Ignition coil, New temp sensor, Check the plugs and wires. I also put in a 1/4 horse from moates which I haven't been able to use. It started running great.

    So I've been having an issue with my Mustang all summer. The distributor started making noise (squeeking) and it started randomly turning when warm and moving at speed in gear.

    So I replaced the Distributor with a new Unit from Summit Racing (their house brand). The problem seemed to go away for a while then came back. So I replaced the TFI module with a new one (DynaMod) I also put in a new Spout connector, because for 10 years I've just had a paper clip in there with tape over it...I lost the spout connector and just kept forgetting about it.

    After sitting now for a 2 months the battery was dead so I dropped in a new was old too. The Car seemed to be running great took it on a few 20-30min drives and wasn't easy on it.

    Then this weekend on after a few short 1-2mile trips I'm on a cruz with the wife to show her it's running fine it had a few power hiccups while just cruzing up hill at 30mph but I keep going and then it just dies while cruze at 35-40mph about 2-3miles later. Right in front of my favorite Tap house. So we stop for a cold one while, then after 30 mins it turned on a drove home had a slight hiccup at about 2000rpms going up hill. Then as I'm backing in to the drive way it dies again. I turn it back on only for it to have a hard start and to shut right off. I let it set over night then the next morning pulled codes Here's the only code I got:

    212 - Loss of IDM (Ignition Diagnostic Monitor) input to EEC or SPOUT circuit grounded

    Also when I check code my code reader seems to indicate it only sees 4 cylinders?

    Sorry for the long post just wanted to get all the info out there.
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  2. For the code reader, are you checking under the dash or in the engine compartment? The plug under the dash does not work for 5.0 engines, you need to use the two plugs behind the passenger shock tower. As for the codes, I believe code 212 is a PIP sensor problem. Are you sure the Summit distributor was a new unit? This problem can come up with rebuilt units. I would check inside the distributor and see if you have any dust or any corrosion under the cap.