Car Starving For Fuel.

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  1. Realistically, what do I need fuel/air wise to keep up with gt40p heads, b cam, edelbrock intake? Pump, regulator, injectors, maf? Do I need all of the above?
  2. you could get away with it but you'd be leaving hp's on the table without a tune and upgraded fuel pump, bigger maf, tb. you can use the same injectors until 300rwhp.
  3. Stock FP regulator should be fine. You might be kind of lean running that setup with stock injectors and MAF, or running the 19lb injectors at a 95% duty cycle.

    Easiest way is do a cobra conversion. 24 lb injectors, stock cobra maf and x3z computer. You're fine on the rest. May want to do at least a 190 lph fuel pump. I have this setup in my daily with the gt-40x and I like it. The car is faster than a stock 5.0 and it runs like a stock car should. I know people disagree with me on the x3z.

    The other option is to maybe go 30 lb fuel injectors, a 70mm MAF and have the car dyno tuned.
  4. All hail the mighty B cam!! Just installing the B cam alone is worth 200 hp.
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  5. Lol... I'm old school... I still like the stock cam.