car surges then dies

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  1. car surges then dies *HELP*

    hey guys,
    Im new here and need some help.
    I noticed my Service Engine light come on about a week ago and the car started to act funny. I take it to Autozone to get it scanned and they tell me its my O2's, so I go home check out my car and notice that one of my O2 sensor wire has been cut (speed bump) so I drive the car like that til the weekend.
    Now this past weekend I fixed the wire and reset the computer, to my surprise a few minutes later the light comes back on.
    I wait til the week after to work on the car and take it to Autozone again
    this time I come back with 12 codes!!!

    I already know what the codes are so I dont need help on that.
    My question is "where do I begin to look/track the problem?"
    -I already cleaned all 4 sensors, MAF, injectors, EGR, IAC
    and nothing, I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter just for the hell of it just incase because it was due anyways but still nothing.

    the car, when cold-started, wont die but then after a few seconds of being on it surges then dies.
    I have to give it gas to keep it from turning off (while in park or idle) but as soon as I start driving, as long as I dont suddenly give it gas or floor it, then it wont die but if I do, it will surge then die.
    If i come to a stop as long as I come to it slow it wont turn off, if I suddenly stop again it will surge then die.
    If the car is warm and is either in idle or park it will stay on most of the time, but in the rare cases it does turn off, it takes about 10min (while warm and in idle or park)
    the car is a 2002 Mustang GT
    sorry it was long, just want to detail everything I have been through
  2. Have you modded this car at all?
  3. yes but not recently
    The car was fine before this incident happened
    the bullitt intake and cam was put in 2003

    someone had said the IAC but I don't think it is because then I would have to step on the gas all the time to keep it from turning off either while parked/idle and cold or warm start.
    My car at least stays on when warm, it rarely dies when warm but if it does its after about 10min.
  4. Any chance the wire you think you fixed isn't really? Perhaps a new o2 sensor is in order?
  5. You know I'm searching for what those codesa mean and can not find a good site to give me the meanings could you link me to a good site?
  6. not likely, I took it out and inspected it then spliced and soder the wires together

    but yeah, Im thinking of getting all 4 but before I spend $ on that I want to see if maybe something else is triggering the O2 codes to go off.
  7. Have you tried disconnecting batetery and dumping all the stored codes then firing the car up again and seeing what codes it give syou?
  8. ^^ excellent suggestion
  9. yeah, thats what I meant by reseting the computer
    Im outta of ideas but keep the suggestions coming:nice:
  10. Instead of cleaning your IAC, replace it with a new Motorcraft one. I really think this is the solution.
  11. yeah thats what I'm thinking about, its just that the "symptoms" for a malfunctioning IAC are not really there
    but I might as well start somewhere...
  12. well, this weekend I replaced all 4 02's while I was doing that the battery was disconnected (to dump the codes), hooked it back up and started my car back up.
    the car started fine and it didnt turn off at all
    put in in Reverse, Drive then Idle and it didnt turn off.
    So Im thinking to myself that the problem was fixed, I take it out for a drive and I get Service light on again!!!
    I took it to autozone again, and I got 11codes this time
    I just bought a new IAC today that I will be replacing when I get time and will post back an update
    anyone have any other ideas?
  13. It isn't your IAC. You are getting a bunch of circuit fault codes. It is most likely a harness problem. Recheck all of the wiring going to the o2 sensors. Look for loose connectors or burnt or exposed wiring.
  14. You can tell the problem is o2 related because it will start cold and idlewhile the car is still on open loop. Once it goes into closed loop and needs input from the o2's the car starts to have the problem.
  15. hhhhmmmm
    yeah it makes sense, since I already replaced the sensors and get the same codes, Well I guess its time to trace and inspect the wiring.
    and where or what is the "control circuit"
  16. ok nevermind, I think it may be referring to a fuse box (CJB-central junction box)
    I got a hold of some diagrams thru motorcraft, they are confusing but should be helpful
    thx for the help!!
  17. well received my new IAC and MAF yesterday, installed them and disconnected the battery while doing that, turned on the car....and the service engine light didnt come on, waited 5min...10min drove it around and the car runs perfect.
    I think it was a bad MAF sensor but replaced the IAC anyways.

    just decided to post my results incase anyone experiences the same problems.
  18. so Im on my way to work today and BAM! the service engine comes on again!!
    I immediately take it to a nearby autozone and it comes back with 7 codes...
    all 4 O2's, P1451, P0443 and some other code that I already had come up before (i forgot which one)
    So now Im both pissed and confused?
    what else could it be?
    my next part that im considering changing is the purge valve (dont know where this is)
    or the EVAP canister.
    I need help...PLEASE!!

    so far I have replaced all four O2's, MAF and IAC, changed to premium gas and still havent fixed this problem.