Roush Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Splitter???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by HazeGray, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. I can't remember where I saw this exactly, but someone had a Saleen with a carbon fiber splitter that installed under the lip of the front bumper? I also saw (either same or different car) a carbon fiber diffuser on the rear bumper.

    Anyone have information about these two pieces?

    Just curious, thanks...
  2. I think Mike C has these on his 99 Speedster. I am sure he will chime in with a response. These may be parts.
  3. I think you're right that they are Paper Flames Racing carbon fiber parts. Didn't they go out of business, though?

    I went to SpeedWorx's website and saw that they either still do or did sell their products. Wonder if they have any leftover parts?

    Thanks for the help...
  4. I have them on my '00.

    Tim has "retired", but has agreed to supply the CF front splitters and rear "SALEEN" letters through the Saleen Club of America.

    A few things:
    - all orders are handled by the SCOA
    - all orders must be pre-paid via check to the SCOA
    - please allow time for production and shipping, as nothing is "in stock"

    $500 for the front splitters
    $150 for the letters

    Let me know if you want me to try and find a detailed image of either product to help you get a better idea of what they look like.
  5. Mike...YES!!! I'd be very interested in seeing some detailed images of the front splitter. Who makes the rear diffuser that I saw? Does PFR make it?

    You can E-mail the pics to me at [email protected]

    Much appreciated!!! I also need to send my membership application and fee for the SCOA.
  6. How can I get a hold of one of those splitters?

    Hey everyone I'm new to this stang forum but my buddy has been on it so I thought that I would give it a try. I have a 1998 Saleen Cobra with damn near every mod available. So I was wondering where I can get one of these carbon fiber slitters for the Saleens and the rear diffuser for them too... Any help would be greatly appriecated.. thanks
  7. Hey Mike,

    Were you able to dig up some pics of the carbon fiber splitter?


  8. Welcome.

    Mike is the holder of those carbon fiber pieces. He will know where the rear diff would be also.
  9. Thank you Marcus.. But now I guess my second question is how the heck do I get a hold of him... thanks
  10. Thanks again I really appriecate it
  11. I'd like to see some pics, just to feed my brain.
  12. you and me both... I really want to buy these pieces
  13. So did anyone ever get any info. on the carbon fiber pieces that we were talking about??? I tried to get ahold of mike via email and private messaging but there was no responce did anyone get a hold of him??
  14. Nope, not yet. Did the same thing, PM'ed and E-mailed him with no reply.
  15. Mike is without an internet connection at this time but will be back on line soon.
  16. Thanks!
  17. Hey 98 Saleen Cobra,

    I noticed you're local to me. Are you going to the Apexmotorsports show? They're always looking for more Saleens.
  18. Damn I wish.. that's were our car got tuned.. but my car is actually going into the Shop next week to get a new paint job.. but hopefully I will be able to attend because I missed last years cause our car was in the shop getting work done to it.. sounds like your car hauls a** just looking at your numbers..but hopefully it will be done intime..
  19. So does anyone know when Mike will get his internet back online so we can find out where we can buy the splitter and diffuser???