Roush Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Splitter???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by HazeGray, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Mike was suppoesed to get back online this week. It sounded like he was having trouble getting service out to his new place.
  2. All,
    I just got back on last night, and am sorting the 300+ emails I got while offline.

    Give me a week or two to catch up and get back with everyone.

    I will send those who emailed me a reply back as soon as possible.


    (it is good to be back online)
  3. Welcome back..hope all is well in your new place
  4. I will work on finding a closer up image.

    Until then:
  5. Mike, thanks for posting up a pic!
  6. Did you use any brackets to reinforce the front air dam? I imagine that if it's functional, the front fascia would not hold up at speed. How much does that cost if I may ask?

    Looks very nice.
  7. Will the splitter fit on a 94-98 body style saleen?
  8. Each side attaches with 4 "bolts" to the facia. No problems with "speed", and mine have been on for a few years.

    Cost is $500 + shipping.
  9. Yes.
  10. Thanks, you and who do we call to order these, and also any word on the rear diffuser??

  11. They can be ordered through the Saleen Club of America. If interested send email to [email protected]

    No rear difusers at this time, only the rear "SALEEN" letters in CF.
  12. Thanks Mike I appriecate it..
  13. *** If you emailed me or the Club, I will be getting back to you very soon on these, thanks for the patience ***

    A few better/closer pictures for you.



  14. Looks a little too rice for my taste, but to each their own... Nice looking car BTW :)
  15. Yeah, I'm starting to get second thoughts. It wasn't as I had originally remembered for some reason. I think I can spend that amount of money on performance mods or other appearance mods. I think for $500 I can get a nice carbon fiber hood.

    Regardless, I do appreciate the pictures and information Mike! :flag:
  16. QFT.
  17. Not a problem. The idea behind the front splitters is to give it a bit of a look like the Saleen SR.

    Not the best pict of the SR, but all I can find at the moment (CF painted body color):