Carburetor help!

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by Shiroelex, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. So, I've been working on getting my winter beater running for a while now, and have come up against a few issues with the new carb I just put on it. It's a Holley 650 spreadbore single pumper, with vacuum secondaries. I don't know which vacuum nipple to plug the vacuum advance into on the front of the carb, for one. There are two little ones; one being on the baseplate and the other coming from the primary metering block. Secondly, this thing has an electric choke. Do I plug in keyed 12v to it, or does it need just a signal, or what?

    This thing has been kicking me in the ass for a month. I've already got a grand wrapped up in it, just trying to get it going. Just discovered that the ballstud on the old factory 2bbl carb is a part of the linkage, and is not removable. Now I have to either find a universal accelerator cable, or find a ballstud, which Murrays, Advance, Autozone, nor Napa had. :mad:
  2. Vacuum advance to metering block nipple and as far as the electric choke power, key on.
  3. Awesome, thanks man. :nice:

    I read that adjusting the float level involved taking the sight plugs out while it was idling and adjusting the fuel level down to where it was level with the bottom of the sight hole. I tried adjusting the nuts down, but they ran out of travel room to do so, and I still have fuel trickling out. Think it will be fine?
  4. I just turn on my fuel pump for a second (have a manual switch) and then turn it off and take out the site plug and have it at the very bottom so when I bump the car side to side it sloshes out. If you take out the site plug and gas immediately starts coming out it's probably a little high.

    On mine, I loosen the top screw and turn the nut left or right depending on if I am trying to raise or lower. Once it's right I tighten the top screw back.
  5. Heh, I was turning mine the wrong way. Just got them leveled out and she runs like a beast now. Revs SO much nicer than how it did with the stock lower intake and 2 barrel. No idea why that came on a 400ci from the factory. Thanks for the help, man!