Central Mississippi Mustang Club meeting Jan 30th

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  1. We are having our monthly meeting at the bowling alley in Pearl,Ms on Hwy 80. So if you have a ford product new or old, come on out and b.s. awhile. The meeting is at 7pm So spread the word and represent the blue oval.
    Later Thomas :flag: :flag: :flag:
  2. Come on there has to be someone in here from Central Mississippi.
  3. Good luck with your show. Sorry for the no replies, a lot of posters here are more concerned with quantity of post rather than quality.

    At least let me know how it goes.

  4. Where in these Confederate States do live?

    It's hard to find people my age (30) that are interested in old mustangs. I was just trying to find some people who shares my love for old cars. Although I have both old and new, I like the old one's more.

    Anyhow our club is open to any vehicle as long as it's wears the blue oval.
    Later Thomas
  5. Augusta, Georgia.

    How about someone who is 55 and had a brand new 64 1/2 baby blue convertible when they first came out. Been around them for almost 40 years now.

    I drive mine kind of fast.

    How many cars are you expecting at the show? There is a National Mustang show held each year here in Augusta around May and it is a pretty neat deal.

    Keep throwing those post up!

  6. We have a little mustang club going and meet once a month ( the last friday of each month). We usually have between 5 to 12 cars there, Mostly new models. I plan on driving my 67 to the meetings once of get the new heads back on it. It will be more street friendly as far as gas goes. I hope it will still run low 11's with new compression.

    I meant by saying there is nobody my age interested in old mustangs is, Most people are older and like to restore instead of restomod. I love having a good looking fast mustang that you hardly ever see on the road, on a normal basis.
    Anyhow I'll stop talking your ear off. later Thomas