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  1. I am wanting to set my car up like a NASCAR theme. I am currently trying to find wheels similar and also put in some ideas too.
  2. I shall pretend that I didn't read this and instead picture something else:






    Please carry on. :D
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  3. Everyone does the same thing. Why i do not know but just to switch it up and make it look NASCAR style for a little would draw more attention than just something everyone else does.
  4. Yeshh

    They are hideous. :nonono:
  5. To each their own. Personally I'm getting my new edge painted and restoring the interior best I can with elbow grease as the interior on these can only be so nice. For me it's a car in 99-04 I desperately wanted as a 16-20 year old but couldn't afford and I got this for a killer price of 2500. It's like a blast from the past for me. I'm doing the spoiler delete welded up so when it's finished it should look like a brand new black 04 without the spoiler option, pretty much a black bullitt. From there I'm going bolt ons and Weld Rts wheels and drag radials to hopefully have a consistent upper 12 sec new edge (I'm on the east coast, Cecil County and Atco) where bone stock new edges can run high 13s on a -600 DA day. There should be no clowning of each other's new edges as they can be fun cruisers or stripped down respectable street cars depending on your approach but they are certainly not off the rip fast or very well put together for 2017 standards, most of us that have them do so out of nostalgia, affordability, ease and price of repair and upgrade or all the above.
  6. Just buy these in a 5x4.5 bolt pattern and begin collecting stickers from anyone and everyone who will give them to you. Once you have enough to coat the entire car, do so but leave room for your number of choice on the doors and hood. Lower the car as much as possible; I'd say at least a 3/2 drop minimum. With rims, tires, lowering kit, and stickers, I think you could probably do it all for less than $1000, easily.
    The only concern I have is with the 15" wheels, you may have to get smaller brakes for the front. I do believe the v6 brakes clear 15's though. If not, look at the older cars of the same chassis.

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  7. damn dude lol
  8. Be careful welding up your old spoiler holes, the trunk is composite!
  9. Ha, guess I should have just said having the holes filled.
  10. And you want me to weight in on this because?
    Is it because I am a nascar fan?
    Because you know there is something funny here someplace?
    Well there is, it's going to be a new edge nascar that never was.
    All kidding aside, it is your car, planning and execution are key to a build of any kind, since there are no examples of what you want, look to road race cars for inspiration, good luck and keep us posted.
    Noobz, I would ask mike for a real world opinion.

  11. There's a CT in this thread. :ninja: