Check out this ricer!!!

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  1. :rlaugh: Think he likes Star Wars?
  2. Someone please photochop a dress on him

    :rlaugh: LOL :rlaugh:
  3. On Crack!

    This guys been smokin'

    You think this is bad! I saw a 50 something Elcamino with a model of a Stealth fighter hard mounted in the bed! Sorry no pics...
  4. man, that dude probably has to fight the women off.
  5. At first I though what the guy did was funny and a good joke, and got a good laugh out of it. Then I saw the pic of him and I relized that he was serious and didn't do this as a joke. I'm still laughing though....but for another reason.

  6. perhaps he thinks he can intimidate the V8 guys with his array of weaponry.
  7. That's... that's... that's quite something.

    Just a couple of quick comments.
    The e-brake handle looks like a sex toy.
    That little statue is doing what looks like a great job of "the urinal stance"...

    Can anybody read what it says next to "R2D2" on that bumper sticker? I'm tired, and there's glare...
  8. Looks to me like it says "R2D2 is my co-pilot". Guess he couldn't get anyone else to ride in that thing so he bolted one on.
  9. what has the world come to?