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  1. Ok guys I know your gana dig this as much as I did. I went to the Goodguys car show at the Texas motor speedway with my dad. As we where walking through the first section of cars I spotted something familiar, in something not so familiar. Any way this is what I saw. Motor is from a turbo cougar, stock running 10psi. I told him a few things to do to get more hp out of it. Heck, I knew more about his setup than he did!

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  2. That's pretty damn cool!
  3. super sweet setup!

    Not sure how I would route the carb/turbo that way though :)
  4. That's Awesome!
  5. carb? that's wicked
  6. That's pretty damn cool!
  7. Same here... that seems like a potential explosion to me. None the less, it does look awesome, and I bet it has power!