Checking in from Toronto, Canada.

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by dr_sarcasm, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Good afternoon folks,

    Long time lurker here (seems I've been doing that on all forums...), finally decided to join the site.

    Purchased my Mustang GT back in November 2005, black on black (baby the car, never winter driven, 30,000kms on it). Only modification to date is the Ford Racing handling kit (lowered 1.5", springs, sway bars, etc.).

    Have just taken the plunge to go the supercharger route - Procharger Stage II kit on its way via Paul Silva Performance out of Toronto (long time Ford specialists/racers). Only add on to that kit is a set of cold plugs.

    I promised never to get back into modifications (having been down that damn slippery, addictive slop before with other cars), but apparently the voices in my head are in full control of my willpower...
  2. Welcome to Stangnet!
  3. Welcome to SN!