Chicago area speed shops

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  1. So to the Mustang owners in the chicago area what shops do you use ? im in the far west suburbs of the city. Anyone have preference's? good or bad.
  2. Numerous people are using Speed INC, in Schaumburg. I just had Bob Kurgan tune my car after my charger install, he used their Dyno. Speed INC looks to be do some incredible work based on my overview of the shop and the numerous customers that picked up their cars the day I was there.

    I do all my own work outside of tuning, so I don't have any need to use any shops, but based on the kudos I have heard given on the forums and the things I saw in person, I must say they got their **** together over there.
  3. I just want to give another shout out for Speed , Inc. I had them do my gears, sub frame, T/A girdle and panhard bar. I plan on having more work done with them in a couple weeks. A bunch of standup guys who love drag racing!
  4. I also have heard good things about them also.
  5. thanks guys, will look them up.
  6. I would also only use Speed Inc. They just completed a set of Kooks LT's with and offroad X and 4.10 gears. Communication is great and they price match. I've had some unpleasant experiences with other Chicago speed shops. Speed Inc is the only one I trust. Call and talk to Larry in sales and he'll hook you up!