Child Seat

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  1. Anybody has a child seat that fits in the backseat of the 65' the one I have now won't fit in the car and I want to take my daughter for a ride with me to a cruise night! She is 10 months old even if I can put her facing forward would be ok!
  2. Can you put a child seat in the front in your state ?I think we have to put them in the back seat when possible and facing back wards .
    Unless you have locking seats it may not work well.
  3. I would prefer for it to be in the back seat, so that my wife can ride along with me also, but I need to see if I can have it facing forward or not
  4. I had a real problem finding one, or even a booster later, that was not listed for being for lap belt cars. All of them were for shoulder belt applications only. If you have rear belts at all in a 65 (wasn't that the federal transition year?) you will have to do trial and error to find one that does not rock with just the lap belt. I would start with the kind that also installs with a lower belt LATCH.
  5. I too would like to find a child seat to install in my 66' Galaxie (Sorry it's not a Mustang). I would like to take my daughter out for a leisurely drive but for the life of me can't find a seat that I am comfortable with while using only the lap belt. If you guys do come up with something that you think works well and find to be totally safe to use please post up some details!
  6. Graco Snug Ride35. Lap belt works well with it.