Chirping sound?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by raz54, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. I just got a 2004 Mustang with a 3.9 V6 and 5 speed and several times now I've heard a "chirping" sound when I get over 45 mph. It sounds like it's under the dash some where but can't tell for sure. A mechanic said it's probably the idle air control valve, he's had to replace several that did this. I heard the exact same noise while test driving another 04 Mustang too. It's still under warranty but they won't replace any parts till they hear it and of coarse it was fine when I took it in. Anyone know what is making that noise? I want to get this fixed before the warranty is up plus it's annoying, sounds like a bird in the car (lol)
  2. maybe your car is telling you to hook that bi tch up with some power... :)
  3. I just got it, give me some time and it will.
  4. just messing...I know it takes time...unless loads of money appear......I thought I'd humor the question
  5. Speedometer cable?
  6. i noticed a chirping sound coming from the dash also but i was pretty sure its just my radar detector bouncin around a little bit
  7. It's a strange one and I can't figure out where it's coming from but the other 04 Mustang I test drove first had the exact same noise once I got over 45 mph. It's not a steady noise either and it comes and goes and I never hear it at low speeds. I though since I heard it in another car of the same year it might have been a common problem.
  8. I have a chirping sound that seems like it is coming from the dash. It is the black plastic piece across the bottom of the windshield. Just tap on it near where the drivers side windshield wiper attaches. There is a bump in plastic area a few inches to the side. You'll get that same chirp sound. Took me forever to figure that out.
  9. Thanks, I'll give that a try. How did you fix yours so it doesn't make noise anymore?

    I just tried tapping on it and no chirping sounds from it so far.
  10. I never did really try to fix it. It just comes and goes every once in a while. I thought about lifing the plastic up a little right down by the windshield and trying to spray something in there. You have to tap it in just the right place, even pushing on it will get it to chirp sometimes too.
  11. Does it sound like it's in the car though? Mine sure does, like it's right under the dash some place.
  12. Yes, it sounds like it is right behind the speedometer area. I was able to duplicate it exactly by tapping in that plastic area and listening with my head inside the car. You may or may not have the same chirping crickets sound...
  13. What ever it is it's sure annoying. If it would do it all the time it would be a lot easier to find but being once in a while is a pain. Every time I take it in it never acts up so they can't find it.
  14. turn the music up loud enough so u dont hear it.. or just keep ur foot on the gas so that ur engine drones it out :lol:
  15. I tried the music but you can still hear it. Reminds me of Buddy Holly and the Crickets on how they got their name (lol).
  16. I tried tapping on the plastic below the windshield again on the passenger side and heard a slight chirping / squeak but it's not very loud so I don't think that's it on mine anyway.

  17. You're right! That's exactly where the noise is. I went through a car wash and as the blower hit the wiper cowl it started chirping. The best news is it's covered under warranty so I don't have to try to figure out how to fix it (lol). Thanks, I owe you one.
  18. I agree with you guys about the cowl cover squeaking, I had the same noise myself and thought that was what it was, but mine was on the passenger's side.
    Remove the glove box door and you will find a big black capsule shaped whatever.....have no idea what it is...... retained by a single 8mm screw, tight but still moveable.I pushed it all the way over toward the passenger's door and luckily haven't heard the chirp anymore.Maybe that was it or maybe not, but anyway there's my 2 cents worth.
  19. It turns out the noise is toward the passenger side but outside the car. From inside you can't tell where it's coming from.
  20. Good to hear you located it. I haven't tried to fix mine because it only happens every so often then goes away. I might have to look behind the glove box door like redV62000 mentioned.